Sunday, July 19, 2015

Drivers License in the states PART 2

Read the previous test for documents needed for the knowledge (written) test.

Once you pass the driving test you will have to produce the following documents to get your driving license

  1. Utility bill or something that has your name and address on it (Lease agreement might not work from what I got by the look of the guy)
  2. Passport
  3. i94
  4. Letter from employer
  5. Indian license
  6. SSN card
  7. The paper which your examiner gives you stating that you have passed
  8. A USA CHEQUE to pay the money for the license. CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!
  9. And do dress nicely since you ll be taking a picture which will be on your license :P
That's all folks :)

P.S: The sad part is that the license is for the duration of your visa. So most of us will have to renew it yearly :(

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