Sunday, August 30, 2015

Personal Statement Tips

Firstly, ignore the grammatical errors in the post, was a bit tired! :P

Now to begin, a good number of individuals have asked for tips on how to write a Personal Statement for the Match. There are a million results that pop up when you google search personal statement & your specialty.  

Tips for writing PS

It is hard to create one, that is for sure, but you must attempt to make one at least. Firstly just read a couple to know what a personal statement should have. Keep reading online PS's till you get that one which strikes you that your life was shaped like that one. 

Once you have created your personal statement, keep reading and re-reading it. Send it to your OLDER siblings or friends to proof-read it. Once this phase is done and ALL GRAMMATICAL ERRORS are corrected send it to your seniors to check if they are impressed by it. For heaven's sake DO NOT THINK THAT THEY ARE JOBLESSLY sitting around just to read your PS. They have a lot of other commitments. If they do give you a feedback well and good, if not still thank them for going through, since they have taken time from their busy schedule to actually read it.

Lastly, before FINALLY uploading it on ERAS, do check it for Plagiarism. You really do not want to use a completely copied PS from the web. It there is NO originality in the PS, you can be rest assured it will be discarded by the PD. Try to have 80 or higher original content

These are a few sites that help you in the plagiarism area

Finally, this is how I structured my PS
  1. An opening line by one of my profs or an online quote which hit me hard and caused me to think.
  2. An event which caused me to like the field (in my case pediatrics)
  3. Why this field, I mean to say what is so special about it and what I have done to show my interest in the field
  4. Steps I have taken to be prepared for residency in the States
  5. My strengths and why the program should choose me
  6. Summary- Which has the HIGHLIGHTS of the PS


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  4. Hi Neil,
    I am an fmg from India. Thanks a ton really for creating such an awesome blog, hats off to your efforts!
    I was wondering if you could also brief us about LORs and some samples which we should get from back home where we did our internship/ electives and its significance.

    1. Hey apologies for the delayed reply. There are a couple of sites. But generally there are loads of sites that give you examples for LOR's

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  6. Nice post.Thank you for providing personal statement writing tips.It is really helpful.

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