Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Medical training license for Ohio residents

The application for training license for new residents is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. But here is the simplest explanation for filling out the form.

State of Ohio Training Application Medical Training Certificate applications are available online at the State Medical Board of Ohio website: http://med.ohio.gov/DNN/PDF-Folders/Applicant/TrainingCertificateApplication.pdf

It is a 27-page document. The following page numbers are to be co-related with the same.

Page 8-
- Choose MD
- If you do not have SSN leave it blank
- For physician address- you can use your home country address if you do not have a US one at the moment

Page 9-
Leave ECFMG certificate expiry date blank

Page 11
Put the dates you stayed in USA and state traveling for interviews

Page 19-
You can use your home country's notary for the Affidavit but let them know it is a legal document and then do some fancy stuff and charge you the same

Page 24
Leave the expiration date blank

If you are an IMG you do not have to fill pages- 23, 25  

Once the form is done contact your program on how to go about after the same.

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